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Business law covers many areas of starting and operating a business.  At the law offices of Bradley J Abbas PLLC, we are able to provide assistance navigating the various regulations that govern businesses.

Business formation – Forming a company involves filing the right documents.  We also offer assistance in choosing the best business model for your enterprise.  Businesses can be formed as corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and other entities.

Complex contracts – When a contract deals with the complicated and ever changing areas of law, you can rely on us to sort through them to ensure that you and your interests are being properly represented.

Preventing litigation – Going to court can be a huge expense for a business.  Because of our knowledge of business law, we can help you prevent litigation and the costs it can incur. We can help by structuring transactions and drafting customer agreements which are designed to settle disputes before going to trial.

Advertising & Marketing Law – We can make sure you comply with the basic rules of labeling, marketing and advertising your services or products.

Employment & Labor Law – When you build your business by hiring employees, you must comply with the government laws that are in place.  We can make sure you are compliant with the various federal, state and local employment laws.

Finance Law – A significant area of business law focuses on financial laws.  We can assist you by protecting the financial interests of your business for you, your investors and your customers.

Intellectual Property Law – Intellectual property law protects your ideas and interests.  We can assist you in the process of registering a trademark or service mark and filing a patent or a copyright.

Environmental Regulations – Laws to protect the environment can impact your business in many ways.  We can help you research the regulations and help provide a plan for you to stay compliant with those laws.

Workplace Safety & Health Law – There are many laws governing the protection of workers.  It can be difficult to know and follow all of them.  We are able to help you understand and comply with them so that you and your business are protected.

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