Construction Law

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Construction Law

The staff at the law offices of Bradley J Abbas PLLC are here to help you with whatever legal challenges you may face.  One of the areas we have expertise in is construction law.

Construction law encompasses many areas related to the building industry.  Because of our years of experience in this field, our staff is able to assist you with a variety of construction issues.  We can help you deal with various building issues which can include project inspections, contractor licensing and settling of construction disputes.  There are two major areas of construction law that we deal with; residential and business.

On the residential side, when you use a contractor for the construction of a home, a remodel or even an addition to your existing residence, it is wise to talk to a construction attorney.  We can help you review your documents to make sure you understand your rights and obligations before you sign a construction agreement.  Too many times people sign a contract without fully understanding what they can and should expect from their contractor.  They also fail to realize the obligations they have in the process.  Later, they can be left without a means to solve their issue because they didn’t invest the resources ahead of time to prevent misunderstandings.

The other side of construction law deals with businesses.  We can assist you in protecting the  property and contract rights associated with your business.  To help prevent disputes, we can help you by drafting or reviewing contracts, and lien documents.  When there are disagreements, we handle a variety of claims including licensing and registration, bond claims, non-payment, non-performance, terminations, change orders, back charges, deficient performance and other breach of contract issues.  When necessary, our firm will also provide arbitration and litigation services.

The goal for our office is to provide you with quality and affordable legal services so you can focus on the running of your business and personal life.  You can trust us to seek your best interest in all cases and areas of construction law.  Call us today to set up an appointment to make sure that your construction rights are being protected by a quality firm with years of experience in construction law.

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