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One area people should hire an attorney for is in matters of family law.  Because of the relationships and the emotions involved, many people need to hire someone who can represent them in an objective way.  The staff at Bradley J Abbas PLLC can help you deal with these difficult situations.

Family Law in Arizona deals with situations between married couples or people who are unmarried and have children.

A significant portion of family law cases involve the termination of a marriage.  Our attorneys can help you file for annulment, divorce, alimony, child custody and child support.  In divorce cases, we can assist you in dividing the property that was accumulated during the marriage.  Every state has its own set of laws which determine the rights of the individuals involved.  Our staff will ensure that your rights are protected as you go through this time. The second most common type of family law cases are paternity cases. Paternity cases establish parental rights and obligations in situations where children are born to parents who are not legally married.

Child custody and support are the most common areas of conflict in family courts.  Parents are concerned about the education, safety, religious upbringing, and personal choices of their child(ren).  Since the court wants to work for the best interests of the child(ren), it will determine if the custody will be assigned to one or both of the parents.  Another area that has to be resolved is setting a schedule for where the child(ren) will spend time during the week, on weekends, holidays and summers.  The court will want to put into place a schedule that is the least disruptive for the child(ren) involved.

Financial support of the child(ren) is also an essential part of what is covered by family law.  Parents have a legal obligation to provide for the needs of their (child)ren.  The amount of support depends on calculations set up by state laws.  Many states have a worksheet available on their website that can help you sort through these issues.  They take into account the income of the parents, health insurance for the child(ren), and other factors.

Whatever your family law needs, we are here to help you.  Please contact us today to schedule an appointment so we can assist you with the specific needs of your situation.

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