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General litigation is the term used to describe legal action that is taken to solve a dispute.  Many lawsuits fall under the heading of general litigation.  We have years of experience at the law offices of Bradley J Abbas PLLC in helping our clients successfully deal with this process.

A dispute or complaint is normally settled by a lawsuit in which the plaintiff seeks reimbursement for damages, reparations for a Breach of Contract, compensation for injuries, business disputes, or a host of other issues.  General litigation can be filed against individuals, groups, associations, business entities, organizations, companies, or government agencies.  General  litigation can also be employed to force the parties to a contract or binding agreement, to adhere to the established accord, correct an injustice, resolve a disagreement, or compensate a victim through monetary means.

The process of general litigation involves the following steps.  A plaintiff files a complaint which includes the reason for the lawsuit.  The defendant then will answer.  Depending on the location and the issue, you may be able to go through discovery (get evidence for the lawsuit which can include interviews and documents from other people).  After this process, mediation can ensue.  If the parties cannot come to an agreement, then the suit goes to trial.  After the ruling by the court, a process of appeals may follow.

We can help you successfully navigate all areas of the litigation process.  As we meet with you, our firm has the ability to quickly learn and understand the facts of your case.  We can then identify the important issues and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and then recommend actions for you.  We will examine your goals and put together a plan to accomplish those goals together with a timeline of how you can expect the process to proceed.

The first consultation is free and is designed to let you know what the legal procedures are and determine whether or not litigation is a good option for your circumstance.  The costs of our services should not keep you from dealing with your issue, because we offer a variety of options to help you achieve your goal.  Our primary aim is to help you avoid the costs associated with legal claims and litigation.  However, when a lawsuit cannot be avoided, our team has the proven experience to successfully meet your biggest litigation challenges, while efficiently managing your costs.

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